Wednesday, January 23, 2008

I had heard about the "Double Happiness Jeans" garment factory and I wanted to see it. I was hovering 90 meters away and had just taken this picture when someone flew up to me...
[17:02] Manager: are you an employee here?
[17:03] Manager: are you an employee here?
[17:03] You: no, sir. but I once worked in NYC's chinatown at a social service agency. we visited all the garment factories in chinatown to let people know of english language classes. I wanted to see this
[17:04] You: I have been thrown out of most of the garment factories in the lower east side. I am used to it.
[17:04] Manager: ahh at this time im sorry but only ppl that are employees here are allowed here at this time if you woulc ome back in 1 hour we will help you with any questions you have.
[17:04] You: so if you are asking me to leave, I understand :)
[17:05] Manager: for an hour yes.
[17:05] Manager: then you are welcome to come back and look.
[17:05] You: be sure to lock the fire escape doors for added realism
[17:05] You: have a good day
[17:05] Manager: likewise

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